Why Me?

Hi there!
I help entrepreneurs and bloggers grow their email list.

I’m a professional email marketer by day (15+ years experience) with a wild entrepreneurial spirit, ready to help you build your own profitable online business.

After experiencing the power of email marketing on a personal level, I’ve set out on a mission to help entrepreneurs with big goals — yes you! — elevate your business to new heights, expand your client base and increase your revenue.

In other words, I’m focused on helping you make more money working for your dreams.

That’s what I want for you…And I’m here to show you how to get there.

Set your online business free to soar.

What if you could help more people, anywhere in the world by sharing your talents? Right now, I’m sure you’re feeling unsure and overwhelmed. Is this even possible? How long is it going to take? Why will more people want to work with me?

You are an entrepreneur at heart. You have the drive to make waves in the world. I understand what propels you because I feel it too, and I have a wealth of business savvy to guide you.



After climbing the corporate ladder, I thought I’d made it.
I was on the fast-track to the top. My hard work paid off early in my career with a senior level position and an impressive salary. I was managing digital marketing programs that generated millions of dollars a month (for several big brands you have most definitely heard of), and by all accounts I was really “making it.” My resume was as picture-perfect as a magazine cover, yet I craved more.

I did some soul searching to help discover what I was missing. I wanted to make a meaningful impact in this world and there it was right in front of me.

I already had the skills, experience, and tools.

I quickly realized my true calling was to help more online entrepreneurs reach their goals, no matter how big or small, through email marketing. I could use my natural entrepreneurial spirit and the marketing skills I’d cultivated in the corporate world to help entrepreneurs create their dream business.

I’m your go-to resource for email marketing done right.

I’ll help elevate your business higher and extend its reach farther than you ever imagined.

You don’t have to feel stuck or overwhelmed anymore.

Care to get a little more personal?
Here’s my professional bio.
2006: Bachelor of Arts Degree

Why work with me?

And, I’m always going to help you do this without breaking the bank.
I’ve Done It.
I have been doing email marketing professionally for big brands for over 15 years. Sales. Lead Gen. Fundraising. You name it.
I’ve sent thousands of emails to millions of people that have generated millions of dollars a month.
Professional Industries: Higher Education, Medical, Publishing, Travel, Technology
Freelance Industries: healthcare, education, technology, online fraud and security, engineering, hospitality, landscaping, fitness, home decor, and pet products.
I Simplify It.
While I can’t oversee all aspects of your business, email marketing is where I shine.
I go beyond not only saying what to do but why you must do it and help you understand how to do it.
I’m Honest.
I will always be honest with you. That’s just the kind of person I am in all areas of my life. (Just ask my Great Danes – they know too much!) I will tell you what you need to know. I will never sugar coat things and will always tell you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear.

I have a no BS approach when it comes to email marketing. You need subscribers that will stick with you past your freebie opt in, and you need emails that convert.

Topics I Can Help You With



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Self Improvement

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Self Awareness

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Life Skills

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